The sea in Cefalù offers unique and fascinating sceneries which are perfect for those who want a relaxing and fun holiday.

Every year, the sea in Cefalù attracts a huge number of tourists who are enchanted by the wonderful coasts of this territory.

The enchanting town of Cefalù, overlooking a wonderful sea, is one of the most loved seaside destinations ever.

Who wants to enjoy all that Cefalù has to offer, can choose fine sand beaches, rocky shores and wonderful gravel shores.

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    The Beach of Cefalù

    The Beach of Cefalù, extending for one kilometre and a half, is characterised by its golden fine sand and crystal-clear waters. It’s a unique place. The beach is nestled in the wonderful town of Cefalù, with its typical seafaring town houses overlooking the sea, the Norman cathedral in the distance and the magnificent Rock dominating the landscape. A view that appears to have come out of a painting.

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    Caldura Beach

    Only a few minutes from Cefalù, you can admire a different kind of maritime landscape, compared to the Cefalù beach. Caldura beach is a gravel beach with some jagged rocks and abundant vegetation.

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    Pollina Beach

    Located close to Cefalù, Pollina beach offers a unique view with crystal clear water on one side and the promontory on the other. The sandy and fine gravel shore is ideal for a relaxation holiday.

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    Mazzaforno Beach

    Mazzaforno Beach is a wonderful beach characterised by a mixture of sand, pebbles and natural rocks. There are many access ways to the coast and you can choose between rocks and wonderful little beaches.

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    Settefrati Beach

    Settefrati beach is a bay surrounded by enchanting coves. The sea water is clear and crystalline, allowing you to admire the fascinating seabed.

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